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Losing a loved one is stressful enoug... but when you’re dealing with a cremation provider who adds on extra fees for services that really should be included with the cremation; that makes things even worse. In many cases, you might not even notice the extra fees until you are presented with the final bill... and then, it’s too late to do anything about it!

That’s why we insist on doing things differently. At Worth Cremation Service, our goal is to make the cremation process as affordable and painless as possible, so you can spend time cherishing memories of your loved one, instead of worrying about the cost of cremation.

As part of our commitment to hassle-free service, we provide each and every customer with our No Hidden Fee Guarantee. Simply put, the price you see is what you’ll pay. And if there are any other nominal charges, we let you know up front, so that there are no surprises when the bill comes.

We guarantee that your Simple Cremation fee will cover the costs of:

  1. Transportation of your loved one from any address in the State of Florida
  2. Professional cremation service performed by licensed, caring providers
  3. Refrigeration prior to cremation service
  4. Social Security notification and death certificate filing
  5. Completion of all required legal forms
  6. An alternative container for the cremation process
  7. A temporary container for your loved one’s cremains
  8. Shipping of the cremains anywhere in the continental U.S.


What’s not included?

  1. Medical examiner’s fee, if required (under Florida Statute 406.1(1)(c), medical examiners can charge a fee to give permission to cremate. This fee only applies in certain Florida counties.
  2. Death certificate copies, if needed


If either of the above circumstances apply, we’ll simply add the nominal charges to your invoice and pay the appropriate agencies on your behalf.


Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve with Our No Hidden Fee Guarantee

Why worry about extra charges that you hadn’t prepared for? At Worth Cremation Service, we’re committed to providing a dignified, professional cremation for your loved one... and to giving you the peace of mind of knowing exactly how much it will cost.
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